Service Stations

R.J. Sinclair has provided the oil industry, specifically on retail service station sites, with full design services for more than 30 years, working for major oil companies and for private service station developers. Our experience includes retail service stations, automated diesel facilities dedicated to heavy vehicles and large highway sites combining traditional service stations and truckstops and our services can be tailored to cover all types of oil industry requirements.

With experience designing new sites (NTIs), alterations and additions to existing, and full KDR projects you can be assured of dealing with an industry specialist.

We provide all design disciplines including architectural, structural, hydraulics, electrical, and pump and tank designs, both in-house and in conjunction with our industry specific expert consultants, ensuring oil industry projects are fully compliant with all Australian Standards.

Depots and Terminals

R.J. Sinclair has also completed projects in depots and terminals, such as pipe bridges, first flush systems for large bunded areas around large above ground storage tanks in tank farms on depot sites.

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